Queen Vashti’s Refusal

Queen Vashti’s Refusal

Written on 04/27/2021

Esther 1:10-21

For the matter concerning the queen will spread to all the women, leading them to treat their husbands with contempt, saying, ‘When King Ahasuerus gave orders to bring Queen Vashti into his presence, she would not come.’

Esther 1:17 NET

On the seventh day of the banquet, King Xerxes was feeling the effects of the wine. Now, remember, he had told everyone they could drink as much as they wanted, but what happens when you drink too much wine? Well, your thoughts become unclear, you forget how to behave properly, and you have a hard time controlling your emotions. 

When the king was feeling like this, he called for Queen Vashti to leave her own banquet and come to his, so that he could show everyone how beautiful she was. Queen Vashti refused to come and this made the king very angry!

He asked his councilmen what he should do. They warned him that Queen Vashti would set an example to all the women in Persia that they could defy their husbands. This wouldn’t be good! So, they told King Xerxes to cast Queen Vashti out and make a law that would have to obey their husbands. This wasn’t good advice, and King Xerxes should’ve seen that. He should’ve respected Queen Vashti’s decision not come to his banquet. However, he followed the advice and the law was put in place.

People cannot be ordered to love and respect each other, it is something that we do freely, or it’s not really real. God knows this, that’s why He asks for nothing more than for us to love Him. He showed His love to us through the death and resurrection of Jesus. We have the choice to acknowledge that and accept Jesus into our hearts.

For my yoke is easy to bear, and my load is not hard to carry.”

Matthew 11:30 NET


  • Why did King Xerxes want Queen Vashti to come to his banquet?
  • What happened when she refused?
  • Can you force someone to love and respect you?


Thank you God for showing us your unending love through the salvation we receive through Jesus. Please help us to be loving and respectful, first to You, but also to all those we meet.