Posted on 10/21/2020
(SF.) Church Online Message - Daniel 9
Posted on 10/16/2020
(SF.) Church Online Message - Daniel 8

The SF Podcast

Daniel 8
We continue our walk through Daniel and arrive at chapter 8 where Daniel sees his vision of a ram and a goat. We see a pattern, a preview, and a promise and talk about what it means for you!--More Bible teaching, podcasts, devotionals, and books all at www.saarfellowship.com
Daniel 7
This week we take a turn from looking at the events of Daniel's life to looking at the visions he had. --find more from us at www.saarfellowship.com

Today's Devotional

Galatians 5.16-18 – How To Walk In The Spirit
"The way of life lived in the flesh and the way of life lived in the Spirit are fundamentally opposed..."
Galatians 5.13-15 – Freedom To Love
"There should be no division within the church based on individual preferences and peculiarities."

This Week's Episode

Exodus 4
This week we see miraculous signs given to Moses, his system for speaking, and a difficult passage about redemption through the work of another.--Would you like a free ebook about Moses, one of the main characters in Exodus?https://books.apple.com/gb/book/moses-a-christ-centred-devotional-for-your-l
Exodus 3
This week we see Moses and the burning bush, God's two promises for His people, but only one commission for Moses. Would you like a free ebook about Moses, one of the main characters in Exodus?http://saarfellowship.com/index.php/teaching/books