Acts 16.19-24

"Spare a thought and a prayer today for those who, two thousand years later, are still facing the same level of arbitrary and capricious consequences for speaking up in the name of Jesus."

Acts 16.16-18

"As important as the truth is where it comes from. Jesus knew that...and I hope you do too."

Breaking Bread

"On earth as it is in heaven then, our earthly mealtimes are but previews and foreshadows of the heavenly reality of the close fellowship and relationship we will enjoy with one another, and the Lord, into eternity."

Acts 16.11-15

"Lydia is such a good example of the action that should come when we believe."

Acts 16.6-10

"The biggest help we can give people is to proclaim to them the truths of the Gospel from the pages of Scripture."

1 Corinthians 7.10-16 – Divorce

Yesterday at Saar Fellowship we continued our study through 1 Corinthians and talked about divorce from 7.10-16. Catch the full service here, or the message on the SF Podcast in a couple of days!

Acts 16.1-5

"How we pray that our churches are families of believers who come together to worship the Lord, to strengthen one another's faith, and to live out the Gospel in beautiful community!"

Acts 15.36-41

"Pray together, seek the Lord together, and move forward together, even if that is in different directions."

Acts 15.23-29

"There is no burden to keep a myriad of rules perfectly to show that we are good enough."