December 2 – Saint Nicholas

"Saint Nicholas, on the other hand, was a real person who gave himself freely to others because of his faith in a Divine Saviour who gave Himself freely once and for all."

Walk the Word

Did you know that every Tuesday we publish a podcast with verse by verse, expositional, Christ-centred Bible teaching? We began way back in 2018/2019 with Genesis 1 and today we hit Leviticus 7. We’re about to take a festive break, but catch 2021’s last episode here or wherever you get your podcasts:

Acts 15.12-21

"There would be rituals, religious obligations, sacrifices, surgeries, and enforced Sabbaths."

1 Corinthians 6.9-20 – All Of You, All The Time

Yesterday at Saar Fellowship we continued our study through 1 Corinthians and looked at how a bunch of professing Christians can come so close to missing the very thing they hope for (6.9-20). Catch the message here, or on the Saar Fellowship Podcast in a couple of days:

Acts 15.6-11

"There is no need (and no point in trying) to try and earn your way to heaven, it can't be done."

Acts 15.2-5

"If we have been raised in a culture where proving ourselves is important, where demonstrating our competency is rewarded, then this kind of thinking will be as alien to us as it was to the Pharisees all those years ago."

Acts 15.1

"The trouble is, the law was never going to be upheld by regular people like you and me, its burden was too heavy..."