Psalm 8

Where does our value and worth come from in life?

Joshua 14

"See how your life changes when you stand on the Word and the promises of God and when you claim what has been promised to you."

Joshua 13

"Again with chapters from the history books in the Bible, the temptation is that we skim-read them and count them as not applicable to our lives today."

Joshua 12

"It’s so easy to skim read this kind of chapter in the Bible and move on to something with more action in, isn’t it?"

Joshua 11

"Rather, as a shepherd leads sheep that are willing, we need to follow first and forge ahead second."

Joshua 10.29-43

"Your victory is right here, won on the cross by a Saviour who loves you."

Joshua 10.16-28

"We again see the truth that Joshua's victories - and our own - come when God's power is at work with our participation..."

Joshua 10.1-15

"God intervened, supernaturally and miraculously, into the regular rhythms and routines of His creation to protect His people and to prove Himself true and trustworthy."